Satellite constellations

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150 $a Satellite constellations

450 $a Artificial satellite constellations

550 $w h $a Artificial satellites

550 $a Artificial satellites in earth sciences

550 $a Artificial satellites in navigation

550 $a Artificial satellites in telecommunication

550 $a Satellite geodesy

670 $a Legal aspects around satellite constellations, 2019  $b p. 26 (Satellite constellations are systems that involve multiple coordinated satellites, often with the same function and type of satellite).

670 $a International Astronomical Union website, May 22, 2020 $b (A satellite constellation is a number of similar satellites, of a similar type and function, designed to be in similar, complementary, orbits for a shared purpose, under shared control. Constellations are used for navigation and geodesy (e.g. GPS, Galileo and GLONASS), satellite telephony (e.g. Iridium), or Earth Observation (e.g. DMC, PlanetLabs).)


1. The UF is based on LCSH’s use of “Artificial satellites”. I wasn’t sure if “Artificial” should be in the 150 or the 450.

2. The NT is a whole/part relationship but when checking LCSH for similar headings I found that “Stars” isn’t a NT of “Constellations”.

3. The related terms are based on the 2nd 670 – I’m not sure if there are other areas where satellite constellations are used. I considered a general see also note for headings beginning with “Artificial satellites in…” but my understanding is that the majority of those headings aren’t related to satellite constellations and there are some related satellite headings that don’t take that form (e.g. Satellite geodesy)

4. The work catalogued is about the legal aspects of satellite constellations. Should I also propose the heading “Satellite constellations–Law and legislation”. (Satellite constellations doesn’t fit any of the categories under which “Law and legislation” is free-floating but I’ve seen lots of established headings with “Law and legislation” that similarly don’t fit the categories).






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