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Hi all,

Trying to decide if it would be justified to propose an LCSH for Clown Ministry. I get several works on this topic, and so far have been using “Clowns — Religious aspects — Christianity.

Current item in hand is Clown ministry : a how-to manual with dozens of skits for service and worship by Shaffer and Sewall (OCLC#1029281799). From the back of item in hand: “What is clown ministry? It is wearing Christ’s servanthood as you don the clown’s costume, happy face and perform ticklish antics.” There are several other books on clown ministry.

It does have an LC class number, BV4235.C47 (Practical theology—Pastoral theology—Preaching. Homiletics—Special topics, A-Z—Clown ministry).

Should I propose it, or is the existing subject heading sufficient? Thanks for any thoughts!

Eric Willey (he/him/his)

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