Barn quilts

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150 __ Barn quilts

670 __ Work cat: 933562413: Hone, Barb. Barn quilts: Carver County, Minnesota, 2015.

670 __ 724662689: Parron, Suzi. Barn quilts and the American Quilt Trail movement, 2012.

670__ 1020497982:  Barn quilts of Fulton County, 2017.

670__930508741: Parron, Suzi. Following the barn quilt trail, 2016.


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  1. Here are two things I could use help with on this suggestion.

    I think this needs a scope note– it’s not a subject heading for quilts that have barns patterned on them, but rather for painted wood patterned to look like quilts hanging on the exterior of barns.

    Here’s what I have so far, but I’m not loving it– if anyone can suggest a way to improve the wording that would be great: Here are entered works on wood painted to look like quilt blocks and displayed on the exterior of barns.

    Second, for the Broader term for this– I was thinking either Folk art or Outdoor art. Most of the records already created use Outdoor art as the subject heading. However, I think this also falls under Folk art. Any opinions on which is better?

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