How do I learn to create subject heading proposals?

LC has an online training consisting of videos and printable slides which focuses on learning the ins and outs of LCSH. That training can be found here.

More information about the process of suggesting additions and changes to headings can be found at the SACO Participants’ Manual, which can be found on the SACO program page.

This site is designed so that people who are familiar with LCSH and experienced with the SACO proposal process can assist those who want to do the research to make changes.

How do subject headings get approved?

Anyone (not just catalogers!) can submit a proposal for adding or editing a LC subject heading! Here’s an overview of the Library of Congress’s Process for Adding and Revising Library of Congress Subject Headings.

However, there is a lot to know to correctly form and submit a proposal. Not many people outside of cataloging departments in the largest libraries understand the process well. That’s why the Cataloging Lab is here—to help people collaborate to submit proposals that are likely to be approved!