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150 $a Slash fiction
450 $a Slash fan fiction
450 $a Slashfic
550 $w g $a Fan fiction
670 Kustritz, Anne. Slashing the romance narrative. Journal of American culture, v.26, no.3, Sept. 2003: $b (Slash fan fiction; refers to stories, written by amateur authors (who are almost solely heterosexual women), that involve placing two television or film characters of the same gender, usually male, into noncanonical relationships with one another. Originated in science fiction fandom. The term “slash” comes from the “/” mark placed between the words Kirk and Spock (Kirk/Spock) at the beginning of the story to tell readers that it contains a sexual and romantic relationship between the two characters) $u

670 Mazar, Rochelle. Slash fiction/fanfiction. The International Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments, 2006 $b (slash fan fiction; slash fiction; slash; a subset of fan fiction which is characterized by same-sex romantic pairings. The term “slash” comes from the / symbol, which is traditionally used as part of a story header to mark the main pairing in the narrative.) $u

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