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A revision from Brothers and Sisters to Siblings. The change would allow the heading to include gender nonconforming people. I haven’t submitted headings/revisions before, so I’ll take guidance on what else might be needed, or more supporting evidence.

150 __$aSiblings

450 __$wnne$aBrothers and sisters

450 __$aSibling relations

450 __$aSisters and brothers

550 __$wg$aFamilies

550 __$aSibling abuse

670 __$aDeaver, Mason. I wish you all the best, 2019$w(OCoLC)1091330743

670 __$aHealthline article “What does it mean to identify as nonbinary”, viewed online October 25 2019$b(instead of sister and brother, use sibling)

670 __$aNonbinary Wiki article “Gender neutral language in English”, viewed online October 25 2019$b(sibling: standard gender neutral term for sister or brother)

670 –$aMerriam-Webster dictionary definition “Sibling”, viewed online October 25 2019$b(brother or sister considered irrespective of sex)


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