Recreational marijuana use

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008/06: (Direct or indirect geographic subdivision) 

 ___X__ (May Subd Geog) ______ (Not Subd Geog) ______ (No Decision)   

053 : GT3010   

150:   Recreational marijuana use

550 (BT):  Marijuana

670 Work cat.: 2019028706. Volz, Alia, 2020: $b (During the 70s in San Francisco, Alia’s mother ran the underground Sticky Fingers Brownies, delivering upwards of 10,000 illegal marijuana edibles per month throughout the circus-like atmosphere of a city in the throes of major change)

670 (“Sources found” to justify the heading or cross‐references):  2012954506. Santlofer, Jonathan, 2013: $b (The pleasures, pains, and complexities of marijuana are more than hinted at in works by William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Henry Miller, Hunter S. Thompson, and Thomas Pynchon, to name just a few, and I hope this anthology will add to that legacy and keep the flame of pot literature burning bright)

670 (additional “Sources found” to justify the heading or cross‐references):  2015040698. Schmader, David. Weed, 2016: $b (This definitive, hands-on, and experienced guide to the new world of decriminalized recreational marijuana)

952: Cataloger’s comments: Much like there are separate headings for ‘Alcoholism’ and ‘Drinking of alcoholic beverages’ we need another heading for marijuana use that isn’t judgmental or implies it’s a problem like ‘Marijuana abuse’ does. There are resources about usage of marijuana that do not contain any content about it being a problem for the user, much like the drinking of alcohol can be a fun activity enjoyed by consenting adults.


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