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100 3  Parra family

670     $a Work cat: Parra, Nano. Entre Parras. 2017 $b (resource is an autobiographical poem about the author and his family, the famous Parra clan of Chile, known for their musicians, artists, and poets)

670     $a Am. fam. names online, 10 April 2018: $b (Parra: Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, and Galician: from parra ‘vine bower’, ‘trellis’, a topographical name or a habitational name from any of the places names with this word)

670     $a Wikipedia WWW site 10 April 2018: $b Parra family (The Parra family is a Chilean family known for its many artists. Membersy member being a distinguished national artist)

675     $a Cent.pop. growth online, 10 April 2018

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