Mirtha N. Quintanales

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Latina feminist and activist


Women of Cuba [OCLC 8243040]

Telling to live : Latina feminist testimonios [OCLC 46866215]

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  1. I’ll work on this today, I think I can get it up and in distribution next week (we check each other’s work here so I’m somewhat at the mercy of other’s schedules and mid-winter is next week). If anyone else is currently planning to add it please let me know. Thanks (and super excited for this project)!

    1. In distribution, I controlled the headings I could find quickly in OCLC for English language cataloging institutions.
      ARN 11182794
      010 no2018015423
      040 INS ǂb eng ǂe rda ǂc INS-SF
      046 ǂf 1948 ǂ2 edtf
      1001 Quintanales, Mirtha N. ǂq (Mirtha Natacha), ǂd 1948-
      370 Havana (Cuba) ǂ2 naf
      370 ǂe United States ǂ2 naf ǂs 1962
      372 University and college faculty members ǂ2 lcdgt
      373 Ohio State University ǂ2 naf
      373 New Jersey City University ǂ2 naf
      374 Latin America–Study and teaching (Higher) ǂ2 lcsh
      377 eng
      378 ǂq Mirtha Natacha
      670 Telling to live, 2001: ǂb title page (the Latina feminist group… Mirtha N. Quintanales) page 377 (born in Havana, Cuba; immigrated to the United States in 1962; received a Ph.D. in Anthropology from Ohio State University; teaches in the Latin American, Carribean, and Latino Studies Program at New Jersey City University)
      670 Wikipedia, WWW site, viewed February 2, 2018: ǂb Mirtha N. Quintanales (professor at New Jersey City University; Born in Cuba in 1948, Mirtha Natacha Quintanales) ǂu https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirtha_N._Quintanales

      [Edit: Just noticed I got my 372 and 374 switched around. I’ll edit the record when it’s no longer locked for distribution]

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