Bussers (revision)

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Starting draft here for changing subject heading “Busboys” to “Bussers.” I’m new to this, so appreciate any changes, feedback or advice!

Question: Do I need to find sources that specifically indicate that “bussers” is currently preferred, or is the reason for the change relatively evident in the vein of previously changed headings like “Firemen” to “Fire fighters”?

010 $a sh 85018242
035 $a (DLC)sh 85018242
035 $a (DLC)17574
040 $a DLC $c DLC $d DLC $d CaAE
150 $a Bussers
450 $a Busboys
450 $a Bus boys
550 $w g $a Food service employees
670 $a Merriam-Webster dictionary, viewed online October 3 2018 $b busser: a person who removes dirty dishes and resets tables in a restaurant : a restaurant worker who buses tables


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