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  • What do I write to help create or edit a heading?

    You’ll need to add references which confirm the heading is necessary as defined by the SACO (Subject Authority Cooperative Program) Participants’ Manual (found at this list of SACO resources).

    Eventually, with people’s edits, the heading will look like a MARC record which will be ready to submit as a proposal to LC.

  • How do I use the Cataloging Lab?

    First you’ll need to create an account. Create an account at this link: You’ll be emailed a link which will allow you to choose your password. (Once you’ve got an account, you can log in at Once you log in, you’ll end up at the WordPress dashboard.

    To edit an existing entry for a subject heading, click on “Knowledge Base” on the left menu. You’ll see a list of name and subject headings; scroll through or search headings for the one you’d like to edit and click “edit”. To add a new heading, click on “Knowledge Base” and “Add new”.

    Make edits or additions, and click the “Update” button to save.

  • How do I get in touch?

    You can ask questions or relay concerns via the contact form or by tweeting @violetbfox!

  • What is the Cataloging Lab?

    Welcome to the Cataloging Lab! This is a place for catalogers and anyone who cares about library metadata to experiment with creating better controlled vocabularies. Suggesting additions and changes to the Library of Congress Subject Headings vocabulary can be an isolating endeavor—it can be difficult to determine if your heading has already been proposed or if someone else is working on a proposal at the same time you are. The Cataloging Lab is designed to be a wiki where folks can collaborate on headings together to create stronger proposals.

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  • What is LAIPA?

    LAIPA is the Latin America and Indigenous Peoples of the Americas SACO Funnel. SACO funnels are groups of people that collaborate on creating and editing subject headings on specific topics or within specific geographical areas. The LAIPA Funnel is dedicated to improving classification used for people and concepts regarding Latin America and Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. Contact laipafunnel [at] for more information.

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